Erotic massage

Luxurious erotic massage in Kiev. Difference from conventional massage and paid intimate services

Luxurious erotic massage is a massage that a professional craftswoman does with her whole body, including its spicy parts. However, this does not exhaust the essence and essence of this type of massage. You can only understand it by experiencing it. The description in words, although possible, will not be complete with all the desire.

How luxurious erotic massage differs from prostitution and similar services of a sexual nature

Эротический массаж в КиевеThese are completely different concepts. The main differences are as follows:

Actually, luxury erotic massage does not imply sex. Only the consciousness of a modern person, fettered by stereotypes, labels and prejudices, can take for debauchery the very fact of being near a naked woman, as well as touching naked male and female bodies. A girl of relaxed behavior from the street is simply not able to give the client even something resembling an erotic massage, despite the fact that she will touch his body with boobs, lie on the ward, try to imitate ordinary massage movements, etc. Not only men use erotic massage services. In our country, this may not be so common, but, in general, in countries where it is developed, both women and married couples go to salons. Invented body massage in ancient Asia. There luxurious body massage was considered the privilege of only the emperor and the upper strata of the aristocracy. The client enjoyed both the massage and the caresses. Not just relaxation, but a cocktail of emotions and sensations indescribable by our language. Erotic massage is a whole system like acupuncture, Qi energy management, etc. It is done only by trained, trained craftswomen. Various oils and incense can be used during the procedure.

How does erotic massage differ from ordinary massage, which is considered classic in our country and in Europe

It is impossible to call this erotic massage an ordinary procedure that kneads muscles and gives the body additional tone because:

In erotic massage, special techniques and techniques are used that are simply not soapy with traditional massage. It is not only about touching the client’s body with the nipples, but also about many others. The masseuse must necessarily be, if not beautiful, then at least more or less attractive, certainly arouse desire in men. The craftswoman is completely naked. Even when the client is not looking at her, the understanding that an absolutely naked woman is next to him and touches his body has a very strong impact on the emotional state. Much more attention is paid to the spiritual realm. The Puritans, of course, will resent this statement. We can only say that spirituality, the very concept of the soul, in the Eastern and European understandings, differ significantly. In classic massage, healing occurs through relaxation of the body. The body massage is a little different. There is a very complex interaction of spiritual and bodily principles, yin and yang, female and male.

In conclusion, the article should be reminded that erotic massage is categorically contraindicated for minors.