Body massage

Body massage has always been considered an exquisite pleasure, a kind of sacrament that can lift you to the heights of passion. This massage is an integral part of the life of any successful person.

Боди массаж в КиевеBody massage Kiev – massage performed by one or two masseuses, inevitably reveals its sensual side. This type of massage, for good reason, is considered one of the best methods of relaxation and relaxation. in ancient India, which gave us such concepts and practices as “Yoga” and “Kamasutra”, understanding the state of nirvana, or the state of relaxation, as well as their benefits for the body, were studied and cultivated for years. Imagine, closing your eyes for a minute, how skillful female hands are kneading and rubbing your neck, back, buttocks, legs and feet. And when fatigue and tension leave the body, you feel that she touches you in a completely different way – tenderly and sensually. These fingers know the secrets of your body – it trembles and melts with pleasure. And when your body is ready for the highest pleasure, starting to tremble from confident massage techniques, the girl begins to massage her body: breasts, buttocks, tummy. With sliding, massaging movements, gracefully wriggling, teasing and caressing, she brings you to a stormy relaxation. Alluring aromas of essential oils and incense soar in the air, you are aloof and completely forgot about the existence of worries and problems. At this time, you experience only relaxation, hormones of joy are released, because with each burst of positive emotions, a number of hormones of happiness are released. Experiencing pleasant experiences, your body receives incredible benefits. That is why body massage is so important. The main hormone of our mood with you is serotonin, which is produced in the brain during the reception of a large number of positive emotions, as well as in the gastrointestinal tract, which is where the expression “Butterflies in the stomach” came from. You will certainly experience them when you come to us for such a body massage Kiev. With a lack of this hormone, weakness, apathy, a certain detachment appear, you begin to get irritated over trifles, which in a normal state did not pay attention to, you get upset more and more often. All this inevitably leads to depression. This massage will give you amazing pleasure that you have dreamed of all your life. Contrasting caresses during body massage give a man and a woman very strong, incomparable sensations. Body massage will give you the opportunity to feel the depth of pleasure not previously known. To touch the ancient traditions of caress that massage gurus knew how to enjoy. The centuries-old history of body massage in Kiev teaches us to get pleasure from gentle touches that can give affection and achieve pleasure for hours, experiencing a sense of relaxation many times. Thus, it is possible to fully control your body and emotions during complete relaxation, to plunge into a state of nirvana. We recommend that you do not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs before entering our salon. Indeed, in this case, you are unlikely to be able to experience the variety of colors and the incredible range of emotions that body massage gives. At best, you, corny, will be brought to relaxation, because our professional masseuses who know every erogenous point of the human body, therefore, even in this state, you will experience relaxation, but unfortunately, you will not experience the necessary emotions, you will not be filled with positive energy and by force. Which, is able to give, in large quantities, body massage. Remember, this is an ancient art, not created to replace something, any relationship, this centuries-old tradition is aimed at giving strength and peace, the ability to completely control your body and emotions. Tens and hundreds of generations have perfected and developed body massage, looking at the inhabitants of Asia, it is hardly possible, even to assume that they are able, uncontrollably, to start screaming, or any other manifestation of unnecessary emotions. And all because restraint and complete self-control, this is what they are taught from a very young age. At the same time, positive energy is not wasted, in vain. The birthplace of body massage is Asia and India, respectively, part of this great culture and are incorporated in the body massage technique. Now, just by pronouncing the word Thailand, our imagination draws pictures of various types of massage for which this country is famous. In Kiev, after visiting Siam, as the indigenous people of Thailand call their country, body massage salons began to open en masse. Remembering those emotions and incredible pleasure that we experienced once there, in this kingdom of peace and pleasure, I wanted to receive it here, too, without leaving Kiev. Some salons really wanted to try to repeat what could only be called a body massage in Kiev in parentheses, someone is better, someone is worse. Often supplementing the great art with vulgarity and vulgarity, such as “Know-how, in Kiev”, respectively, over time, people, even completely far from body massage, the phrase “Massage salon” began to cause only a smirk, with an expression on their face , everything is clear .. We wanted to dispel this attitude towards body massage salons Kiev. With us, you really come to the salon, and not to a rented apartment, in our salon you only receive massage services, without additions of a dubious nature. In our salon, sanitary conditions are strictly observed, disposable kits are used. We always have an atmosphere of pleasure and comfort. Only we have a traditional body massage in Kiev, from the best, professional and beautiful masseuses. We always try to be the best and unforgettable for you!

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